FLY Animal Rescue worthy of support

An incident involving a stray dog over the weekend demonstrates the true value of those who volunteer their time to help abandoned animals in our community.
A dog was discovered trapped in road tar at the county barn. The dog, which is believed to have been abandoned at the dumpsters behind the county barn, apparently slipped under a loose spot in the fence and became trapped in the tar.
A resident heard the dog’s cries, and FLY Animal Rescue, a local group led by Danielle and Will Boatner and other volunteers, responded. The group went to work – and is still working – to remove the tar from the dog.
Some observers have spent much of their time focused on who to blame for this unfortunate incident, but in our opinion, it’s not something that county workers could have seen coming. The property is surrounded by a fence with a locked gate. That fence is of course designed to protect the fuel and equipment on the property from theft. We doubt anyone ever considered the possibility of a dog entering the property and getting into trouble, and we know that is something we would not have expected.
If anyone is to blame, it’s the person who abandoned the dog at the dumpsters in the first place. That’s a common problem in Yazoo County, and many of those animals end up having bad things happen to them. Some are hit by cars, and some simply starve.
We don’t know how anyone could ever change the hearts of so many people who abandon pets they don’t want anymore, but we do know that FLY Animal Rescue is making a difference and worthy of this community’s support. 
If you would like to contribute to their efforts visit the FLY Animal Rescue page on Facebook and click on the “donate” button.