Ernie Flint will be missed on these pages

We never had the opportunity to meet Ernie Flint, but we thought of him like an old friend. We’re sure a lot of our readers feel the same way.

Flint’s “Field Notes” column has appeared in this newspaper countless times over the years. Dr. Flint, who died Saturday after a bout with cancer, had a gift for providing useful information about agriculture in a way that made it interesting and easy to understand. Even some readers who were not involved in farming have told us that they enjoyed reading his columns over the years.

His dedication to Mississippi State University was well known, and he also earned three degrees, including his PhD, from MSU.

He began serving with the Mississippi State University Extension Service in 1991, and he was one of the organization’s most well known employees due to his writings, which were published in newspapers and business journals all over the state.

Ernie Flint always concluded his columns with the words “Thanks for your time.” We’d like to thank him for his time and express our appreciation for what he has meant to this newspaper and to agriculture in Mississippi.