MHP stepping up patrols on Highway 16

If you’re like Sammy Hagar, and you can’t drive 55, you might want to avoid driving on Miss. Highway 16.
Sheriff Jake Sheriff said the Mississippi Highway Patrol will be aggressively monitoring the highway over the next few weeks and ticketing speeders. 
The speed limit will be strictly enforced. 
“The speed limit is 55, and that’s as fast as you need to go,” Sheriff said. “You can get a ticket for going 60, and you probably will.”
Sheriff, who retired from the Mississippi Highway Patrol before being elected sheriff, said the increased patrols are in response to numerous complaints about excessive speeding.
“There have been too many wrecks on this highway, and too many reports of reckless driving,” Sheriff said. “It has to stop.” 
Sheriff said that speeding on Highway 16 between Yazoo City and Canton is particularly dangerous because it is a high traffic two lane highway.