Make sure you're properly registered for upcoming election

Dear Editor,
With the Yazoo City municipal election coming upon us on Tuesday, February 6 and Tuesday, February 27, 2018 (the primary elections) and Monday, April 2, 2018 for the general election, all qualified and registered voters of Yazoo City should make sure that they are registered in the ward in which they live. 
Special attention should be taken by residents who have moved in the last four years.
If a voter is uncertain whether he has registered in the ward in which he resides, he should call the Yazoo County Circuit Clerk, Robert Coleman, at 662-746-1872. The voter should go to his office in the courthouse and personally discuss his ward’s registration. Any updated voter registration must be made 30 days before any election to correct his ward registration and appear on the correct ward book or the voter may have to vote an affidavit ballot in the ward in which he resides for his vote to count. Mr. Coleman can help you.
We want the voter’s name to appear on the correct ward book. A voter can be challenged at the polls and have to vote by affidavit ballot. If a voter votes in the wrong ward, the ballot does not count.
Hopefully, voting information will appear in later editions of The Yazoo Herald to make sure all qualified voters get a chance to vote. Election topics include voter registration deadline, absentee ballot application availability, absentee ballot availability, acceptable photo identification and other election topics.
We want all qualified voters to register and have a happy experience!
Ardis D. Russell
Yazoo Democratic Municipal 
Election Committee