Citizens must live where they vote

Dear Editor,
Citizens of Yazoo City it is getting close to our city election to determine the fate of our city.  
I am writing this letter to make known a discrepancy in our current system as it relates to our citizens that vote in the wrong wards. 
In 2014 election, Ward 4 had 48 individuals to vote that no longer live in the district. This may seem like a small number, but this was the difference in a possible run-off between two candidates. 
Now to be perfectly clear, we never want to disenfranchise anyone from their right to vote, but we merely want everyone to vote in the proper place as it relates to their legal residence.  I have surveyed the voters log for Ward 4. In doing so I have discovered that there are at least 47 individuals registered to vote in Ward 4 that I do not believe live in the ward. 
Now is the time for the citizens who have moved to different wards to change your voter registration before the deadline. I certainly want you to vote and have your vote to count, but also I want to inform you as to what is right. By law a citizen must vote in accordance with their legal address – not where they once lived or where they want to cast their vote. 
I think all candidates should be in line with this being pushed that we will be able to have a fair election as they are designed to be held. On Election Day it is the candidate’s duty and right to contest any voter that is voting outside their wards. I think we should lead by example so as I was looking at the voters roll for ward 4 I noticed I had a family member that no longer lived in the ward. I took that individual down to the voter’s registration and changed where they vote. If we want our city to move in the right direction we must do the right thing to ensure this great city will have great things. Our city is only as great and honest as our leaders and our citizens. 
Maybe you want to vote for a certain candidate and that is fine. You can do so if you reside in that candidates ward. I am writing this letter because I want to see things done correctly for the upcoming election. In section 31 of the Registration of Voters/ Code of Ordinances/ Yazoo City you will find the following appearing in Section 33 – Registration to be in ward of Residence – No person shall be registered for any other ward than that which he resides at the time.
 Simply put; YOU MUST VOTE IN THE WARD IN WHICH YOU LEAGALLY RESIDE. This was not the case in the last election in Ward 4 and probably the same in all the other wards. I beseech each citizen to know for certain you are voting in your correct ward because this is your duty as citizens of Yazoo City. This will eliminate your vote being challenged or even eliminated at election time. In my closing, selecting our city leaders is very important but doing it correctly is very essential in prospering Yazoo City. 
Joe Freeman