20 years of Good Hope

Good friends and great food, that was how Holly Coleman celebrated her store's 20th Anniversary on Thursday.
Good Hope General Merchandise was originally opened as Good Hope Feeds in 1997 by Holly and her brother Pete Harper.  They named the business after Good Hope Road, where the Harpers lived at the time.
The store started out selling all types of animal feed, livestock supplies, and accessories.
As the years passed, Holly slowly expanded the store into a garden center and gift shop, offering women's clothing,  a bridal registry, tuxedo rentals, and even a florist.  
Coleman said that the store has done a "complete 180" since it was first opened, with the bridal registry drawing in the most customers.
Good Hope General Merchandise hosts a large assortment of gifts, home decor and clothing. Many customers appreciate Coleman’s eye for style.
Coleman's favorite part of owning the store is working with flowers, but she has always enjoyed growing closer to customers over the years.
She remembers when some customers were children, and appreciates those who have remained with her over the years, growing up, getting married, and having children of their own to come in and enjoy the store as well. 
"Over 20 years you see a lot,' said Coleman,  "I have enjoyed all the people. We've seen all walks of life."
Some of her fondest memories at the store have been during holidays like Halloween where children would sit on and play with the pumpkins, and Easter when children would come to see all the chicks, ducklings and rabbits.
Coleman mentioned that there are always challenges in running a business, but she has enjoyed her place of work for many years, and she likes being a part of the Yazoo business community.
Coleman often enlists the help of close friends and family members for the busy seasons such as her niece, Claire Harper and her mother, Rosemary Harper.
Good Hope General Merchandise celebrated its 20th Anniversary with special sales and discounts storewide and also served lunch to customers.
Coleman said that customers should be on the lookout for new things coming to the store in the future.
"We have a couple of ideas on some different things we would like to offer next year that nobody is doing around here or in town, so we are very excited about that." said Coleman