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When Tim and Judy Davis decided to open a feed store on Highway 3 in Yazoo City, they thought it would be an easy-going job.

Robbie Roberts describes himself as a “writer in the raw.”

The Yazoo City native recently published Tales from Yazoo and Beyond, and the work is filled with memories of a bygone era mixed with modern commentary.

Over the past few years Anthony Carlyle had built a dynasty while the head coach at 3A Velma Jackson High School.

He has been a business owner, even owned a few successful beauty schools. He’s been an outdoors writer, comfortable in the woods like second nature. He has organized a mud derby race, and garnered a reputation for playing in the mud.

Dah-h-lin, well aren’t you so precious.

It is a greeting that only comes from a genuine Southern lady. And Mrs. Flo Selby is that lady.

Tim Singleton has grown up in the business world.  Being a member of a family owned and operated business meant that everyone was working after school and on the weekends, just to make sure that the business was a success.